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09/25/2014 7:30am

I love it! Thanks, Elizabeth for the new tacls.org "look".

lori woods
10/01/2014 5:26pm

i think its a nice site, but is there a government who overseas the procedures or licensing of the Texas laboratories? I would appreciate this information if you have it available.

David Falleur
10/03/2014 11:03am

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) oversees the CLIA regulations which apply to all clinical laboratories in the U.S. and Texas. They issue certificates to labs based on the complexity of testing they perform. A CLIA certificate works like a license, in that the lab is required to have a certificate to perform laboratory test procedures. For more information about CLIA, check their website at


Hope this answers your question.

Joanna Ellis
10/03/2014 11:35am

Thanks, Dave, for describing CLIA certificates and giving the link.

Lori, if you were asking about personnel licensure, Texas currently does not require a license. National certification is OPTIONAL in Texas. For other healthcare professionals that ARE licensed in Texas (respiratory care, X-ray techs, etc.), they are overseen by the Department of State Health Services. During the next legislative session there is likely to be some discussion about moving most professional licenses to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.

See texaslabquality.org for more information about our quest for licensure for laboratory professionals.

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