A Q&A with ASCLS Student Travel Grant Recipients

For viability of a professional organization, it is important to involve students and retain them as members within the organization. The following questions were posed to two ASCLS Student Travel Grant Recipients, Kimaria Baker and Jazmen Myers, regarding their involvement in a professional organization. 

ASCLS: How did you become involved in a professional organization?

Kimaria: I first became aware of the ASCLS professional organization through my Program Director at my school.  It was mandatory to join as a student and I very quickly became acquainted with how the organization works.  It is very supportive of students and helps students become young professionals.  It also has a National Student Forum where students can collaborate and voice their ideas and opinions.

Jazmen: When I was accepted into the Texas State University clinical lab science program, I was encouraged to join the Society of Clinical Laboratory Science at Texas State University. Upon joining our university society we were then informed about ASCLS, its benefits, and how to join. We were also told about ASCP, their involvement in our certification, and how to join their organization as well. I joined ASCLS and ASCP, and have been a member of both for over a year now.

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